Lady Rose Historical Preservation

Thank you for visiting this brand-new site, created to support preservation and celebration of the historic Lady Rose, formerly of British Columbia’s great Union Steamship Company.

We are maritime enthusiasts who are dedicated to the preservation and celebration of British Columbia’s illustrious coastal heritage. Our fascination with B.C.’s Union Steamship Company has led us to take action to immortalize the sole significant surviving ship of the Union Steamship Company fleet, the Lady Rose.

The history of the Union Steamship Company, spanning from the late 1800s to early 1950s, is inextricably interwoven with British Columbia’s own maritime history, and with the establishment of countless communities along British Columbia’s magnificent Pacific and inside coasts. Historically, the Union Steamship Company is to many coastal communities what the railway is to Vancouver.

The 200-ton Lady Rose, launched in 1937 by Glasgow’s A&J Inglis Limited, and still afloat today, remains the sole such embodiment of the Union Steamship Company’s storied heritage. Her preservation, therefore, is of profound historical significance to British Columbia and Canada.

Preliminary planning is underway to establish the best course toward partial or complete restoration of the Lady Rose, as well as myriad related matters – including the prospect of a collaborative maritime museum in Sechelt, at the heart of British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast.

We are eager to align with like-minded lovers of the ocean and history who might offer suggestions, encouragement, pertinent introductions or collaboration in our Lady Rose preservation endeavour. There is tremendous work to be done, and we’ll welcome help as plans advance. We hope to facilitate a shared sense of pride and ownership among local, British Columbia, Canadian and maritime communities.

Preservation of the Lady Rose and celebration of her Union Steamship Company heritage are lovingly supported by (far from exclusively):

Please direct any inquiries to [email protected]